Training (part III)

Hello readers. Welcome to training report number three, this week brought to you earlier than scheduled! What am I like, eh?

Things got a bit harder this week. I ran 1.5 miles on Monday and then 3 miles on both Wednesday and Saturday.

You might remember that last week I foolishly set myself the challenge of improving on my 1.5 time on every subsequent attempt. I embarked on this week's session with this very much in mind. In fact, my determination almost proved to be my downfall as I powered through the first circuit only to feel burnt out by the start of the second. If it were possible to view a ghost version of my past self whilst running (like in all good racing games) the ghost me would have lost a lot of ground early on, but would have fought back towards the half way point, gradually clawing back time and possibly even merging with current me late into the race. Mercifully, I ended up shaving seven seconds off last week's time so it became a case of "slow and steady narrowly loses the race". Take that you ghostly bastard.

Wednesday’s three miler went well. I wore shorts this time and reaped the benefits, beating Saturday's attempt by 39 seconds. By the end of it I was hardly out of breath, which is great news. My lungs have adapted surprisingly well to this new exercise regime. My legs have done less well though and my left knee hurt for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, the left leg trouble worsened in time for Saturday, forcing me to question how sensible it would be to go running. My knee had continued to hurt faintly and my calf muscles felt tight and worn. It wasn’t painful but it did feel uncomfortable and as though I was close to injuring myself. In the end, I thought “fuck it” and went ahead with the run anyway. I took things nice and slowly and this was reflected in my not-so-great time, but I don’t really care about that. Perhaps surprisingly, this was my first run in the rain, which made for a refreshing change. The park was completely deserted except for a young lady walking the smallest dog I’ve ever seen. I completed the three miles in record time (the record being “Slowest Time Ever”) but in hindsight I’m really pleased I didn’t chicken out because I felt fantastic afterwards and I don’t think I managed to inflict any further damage on my legs.

In other, really exciting news, I've had an awesome response from people wanting to accompany me on my challenge. Vikki (complete stranger), Ben (friend), Joe (ex-neighbour), Tim (brother) and Beth (girlfriend) intend to travel from Shropshire, Loughborough, Birmingham, Ipswich and London to join me for a leg each. That's a combined travel distance of almost 500 miles, or half a kilomile (a brand new unit of measurement I'm hoping will soon hit the mainstream)! Admittedly, these responses are mostly tentative and no one has yet shotgunned any particular leg, but it's an amazing start! I'd quite like to run the first and last legs alone, which leaves just two more potential spaces to fill. If you're interested, I'd love you to get in touch.

Finally, I’ve decided to bring forward the dates of my challenge by a week. I’ll now depart from West Ruislip on 24th April and arrive at Epping on 19th June. Check out the map for more details and stats (you can click on it and stuff).

Blimey. Long post. Thanks for reading.


    On 20 March 2010 22:22 Anonymous said...

    Is this anything to do with..



    Not in the slightest.


    I'm sure the technology exists for you to run against the ghost of your past self running. if not, i'm gonna hire some scientists and get on that.


    A ghost version of yourself?! That would be awesome! It's wrong that it doesn't exist in this day and age!


    Apparently, your lungs improve the quickest when you start running, followed by your muscles, and then aaaaaaaaages later your bones and tendons catch up. It's very easy to go too far too fast because you feel okay breathing wise. It sounds like you're doing brilliantly though. Are you putting ice on your sore knee after runs? I find that helps.

    Well done on your very consistent training! xxx